Additive technologies offer many solutions for industrial and creative applications. However, each of the different technologies bring different advantages (and disadvantages) for a given application. As they stand, no one technology provides a panacea and technology selection often requires a trade-off. Process acquisition may not always be the right answer for an organisation, and when this is the case, G P Tromans Associates can offer an intelligent and reliable specialist procurement service for any prototype or AM part requirements.

Graham Tromans has developed a worldwide network of partners that can be called upon to deliver the right process and use of material — whether plastics or metals — for every application. For any application in the product development process through to final production requirements with AM technology, Graham will use his expertise and contact network to source the best possible solution. With more than 20 years of technology, process capabilities and application experience with additive manufacturing technologies — process selection is an area where Graham excels, ensuring that clients get the results they were looking for — every time.

In addition, Graham has an in-depth understanding of many complementary processes such as, metal casting, vacuum casting, metal plating of plastics and surface finishing. Depending on the application, the client will always be guided to select the best process (or combination of processes) based on their specific requirements.